Commissioned Work

My main client is Montclair State University where I provide all of their images for editorial, marketing, advertising, events, sports and performance photos for both digital and printed materials. You can see an example of what I do HERE at the MSU website. Please bear in mind that Montclair State University is the owner and copyright holder of the linked images.

121920_2578_Oyster Farmer Matt Gregg

How I work...

I believe in keeping situations feeling real and true while still conveying an image that works for the needs of the client, or as a document of an event.In this ever changing world where technology rules, and image manipulation is often over used, many photographers have come to rely it to a large extent.

My philosophy is that the image is what it's all about, composition and sensitivity to light, either existing or created, and an ability to work with all kinds of people in many different situations, is what makes great photographs. 

The images you will see here have been presented as seen, I crop only rarely and work to get the composition nailed in the camera. No pixels have been  harmed in the making of any of these images!

The people you see in these photographs, with the exception of the performances, are regular people, not models or actors. Many are in real situations that were happening in the moment, while others have been a part of a scenario that was set up just for the camera.

Please keep in mind, these are photos are strictly to show what I have done for others, and can do for you. None of the images or videos that are linked from this page are available for sale in any way.

As always, I am happy to discuss working with you to help provide you with images or video that fits your needs. Please take a look at this page for further information.

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