Don't Walk - 42nd and 8th

The end of the day, waiting to cross...

I remember when I used to commute to NYC via the bus from NJ. Walking to Port Authority at the end of the day was always a bit stressful, would I make it to the bus in time, would there be a long line, would the tunnel be backed up, would I have to stand the whole ride? All questions that gnawed at me, and then just steps away, the light would change and I would have to wait, for what seemed far too long, while the seconds ticked ever closer to the time the bus would pull out of the terminal, extending my time before I could be home, and finally breathe a sigh of relief, and stop rushing.

I find it fascinating to look at the faces of those making the same trek, perhaps for decades, every day, the same place, the same feeling. How do they hold themselves, what is their expression, what does it all mean? Questions without answers, but I can relate. Can you?


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