When I was a teenager the casino industry in NJ was just beginning. I remember one of my neighbors adult son moved to Atlantic City to work for a casino. There were numerous daily buses that picked up people from my town of Kearny and drove them the 150 miles to the front doors, and gave them a voucher for a free meal and some money to wager with. 

My ideas of what a casino was came from James Bond movies, but the people who I would see waiting for the bus to go to the casino seemed more like people  I would see in the line in front of the Social Security or unemployment office. No dashing men in tuxedos or elegant women in gowns in sight.

I resisted the siren call of these establishments for a few decades, but my curiosity for what splendors they might be offering never abated. So one day I ventured into a few with my camera to find out for myself. 

These photos are what I found. Thank you for looking.

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