I believe that all photographs should make a connection, so that you the viewer can feel something familiar, or imagine a story about the photograph.

Photographing people is the greatest and most interesting challenge.  Whether I am photographing candidly without asking, or collaborating on a portrait, my goal is the same, to find a spontaneous moment rich with visual clues to engage your imagination.  

My preference is to photograph in the most natural and organic way possible, either as I find them or as I imagine them, but always in a way that is in some way true to who they are or the moment they are in.  

As much as possible, I like to make photographs under whatever light exists in the space in which I am shooting.  Often, I go into a room and just start making images, and in a few moments, my presence is accepted and people go about their business, or pleasure, seeming not to be aware of my presence.  I like it that way, it allows me to make natural images of people engaged in the moment.  It does make it harder for me though, as I have to wait for the expression or gesture that defines the image, but it's worth the extra effort.

I also photograph places and things. My goal with these is to be graphic and clear, to see beyond the obvious and find the most interesting angle and element, to elevate the mundane to something more interesting.

I have been fortunate to be a working photographer since 1979. Clients and employers have been wide ranging, including Tiffany & Co., The New York Times, Montclair State University, Visiting Nurse of Northern NJ, Gibbons Law, The Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey Monthly, Success Magazine, New Jersey Institute of Technology,Pearson Publishers, Castrol North America,and many others.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to work with me.

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